In any dairy, the milking process has a substantial impact on the spread of mastitis infections and the risk of clinical cases of mastitis.

Cups On Cups Off training courseThe "Cups On Cups Off" training program developed by Countdown 2020 and Dairy Australia covers the whole milking process in terms of mastitis prevention and control.

The Cups On Cups Off course has been designed for all people who milk cows, whether they be owner/operators, family members, employed staff, sharefarmers, relief milkers, or herd owners/managers - because the need for best practice in the dairy is the same for all!

The course runs over one and a half days (approx 7.5 hours total), including either an on-farm or an audio-visual practical training session, and comprehensively covers all the requirements to achieve best practice in milk harvesting as well as the detection and treatment of clinical cases of mastitis.

Topics covered include:

  • How & why infections occur

  • Practical mastitis control

  • Reducing the risk of infection

  • How to detect and deal with clinical cases of mastitis

  • The importance of teat disinfection

  • Best practice in milk harvesting

  • The real cost of mastitis

Dairy farms can use this course to build skills in milk harvesting and mastitis control, making a substantial contribution to the farm's mastitis control program.

Participants will gain a certificate of completion for the course and will also achieve the Level 2 - Milk Livestock (RTE2112A) qualification through the National Training Framework

The course is made available through the National Centre for Dairy Education Australia (NCDEA) and its partner training organisations around Australia.

The course operates with a minimum of 7 participants and a maximum of 13.

You can have your staff trained by Rod Dyson from Dairy Focus, who not only played a major role in writing this course, but has also presented the course many times throughout most of Australia's dairy regions.

If you would like yourself and/or your milk harvesting staff to be part of a Cups On Cups Off training course run by Dairy Focus, give us a call on (03) 58590706

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