Controlling mastitis and achieving high quality milk significantly affects the profitability of all dairy farms.cows being milked

Depending on their role, members of staff can have a significant impact on mastitis control in a number of ways....

  1.  In any dairy, the milking process can significantly affect the spread of mastitis infections and the risk of clinical cases of mastitis. Indeed, for many of our most common mastitis "bugs", infection only spreads during the milking process! Achieving best practice in milk harvesting minimises the risk of mastitis spreading.
  2. Good stockmanship and handling of cows both in the dairy and on the way to and from the dairy significantly impact on the milking process by providing the opportunity for a calm milking environment, with cows achieving quick and effective milk "let-down".
  3. Detection and treatment of clinical cases is a critical aspect of mastitis control - early detection, treatment and isolation will significantly increase the chance of a successful treatment and also reduce the risk of spreading the infection.
  4. The drying-off process is the single biggest opportunity that most dairy farms have to remove existing mastitis infections and to prevent new infections in the dry period and at calving. The method of drying cows off and the technique used for administering dry cow treatments is critical to the success of this aspect.

Dairy Focus can provide tailored on-farm training to milk harvesting staff and/or management staff in any or all of these aspects of mastitis control.

We have developed training modules around all of these aspects of mastitis control - and they are all aligned to the Countdown Downunder Farm Guidelines for Mastitis Control.

High quality training resources and one-on-one training by some of Australia's most experienced mastitis professionals ensures your staff will have access to both the highest quality of training and the highest level of mastitis knowledge.

If you would like more information about training for yourself or your staff, call Dairy Focus on (03) 58590706

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