Dairy Focus provides a range of training options -

  • formal industry based training (e.g. Cups On Cups Off courses),
  • farm specific training,
  • on-farm practical training,
  • information & education seminars.


In any dairy, the milking process has a substantial impact on the spread of mastitis infections and the risk of clinical cases of mastitis.

Cups On Cups Off training courseThe "Cups On Cups Off" training program developed by Countdown 2020 and Dairy Australia covers the whole milking process in terms of mastitis prevention and control.

Controlling mastitis and achieving high quality milk significantly affects the profitability of all dairy farms.cows being milked

Depending on their role, members of staff can have a significant impact on mastitis control in a number of ways....

Are you looking for an information seminar, or a workshop on mastitis control for a group of farmers or advisers?Mastitis & milk quality workshop

We have a range of workshops and seminars that have been very successfully delivered around Australia, both in a venue & on farm.

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