The Dairy Focus team provides skilled advice based on many years of practical experience to help you achieve your goal.

Choose from a range of specific services or subscribe to a complete package tailored to suit your farm, your herd, your staff & your requirements.

High cell counts

Highly skilled mastitis professionals with many years of experience will give you a pathway to take the worry & frustration away.

More about dealing with high cell counts

High clinical case rate

Are you getting too many clinical cases of mastitis?

An effective plan to reduce the incidence and spread of mastitis will minimise the cost and frustration for everyone.

More about reducing clinical cases

Low cure rates

Are you regularly having to extend or change your treatment regimes?

Build a structured but adaptable treatment regime based on what is actually happening in your herd, and ensure your staff have a decison pathway & treatment plan to follow.

More about cure rates

Repeat cases

Do you have cows that breakdown with another clinical case despite apparently having been treated successfully?

Develop a strategy to deal with these cows - make informed decisions about retreatment (whether to treat and what to treat with) versus culling.


High culling rate

Are you losing too many cows because of mastitis?

Make informed decisions to ensure that only the right cows are culled - both at the right time & for the right reasons.


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