Mastitis control on your farm depends on key events and maintenance operations occurring at the right time, using the right products and in the right manner.

Your Dairy Focus Mastitis Diary monitors your key mastitis measures - Bulk Milk Cell Counts as well as Individual Cow Cell Counts, clinical case rates and spread of infection (where herd test results are available).

This information is assessed and monitored and you will have at least one interaction every month with your Dairy Focus advisers to review and update recommendations.

You will have a quarterly review and report on progress in each of the five key mastitis risk areas.

And if one of your mastitis measures exceeds your "trigger" point, your Dairy Focus adviser will quickly know about it, and will contact you to see what action, if any, is required.

The Mastitis Diary also maintains a log to remind you of key mastitis control events (for example - liner changes, machine tests, dry-off planning, etc) and what is required in the light of current circumstances - and your Dairy Focus adviser is always only a phone call away.

The Mastitis Diary will make sure that each and every mastitis activity on your farm happens when it should, and in the right way - helping to make your farm "Low Risk" for mastitis and then to keep it that way.

The Dairy Focus Mastitis Diary is a key component of the Dairy Focus Mastitis Control System.

For more information on Dairy Focus Mastitis Diary or mastitis control on your farm, call the Dairy Focus office now on (03) 58590706.

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