A risk management approach to mastitis control using a set of modules that can be used in either a "stand alone" manner or combined into the Dairy Focus Mastitis Control System - a comprehensive approach to make your farm "Low Risk" for mastitis.

Dairy Focus Mastitis Control System

A comprehensive yet cost-effective program to make your farm "Low Risk" for mastitis, and then keep it there.

A co-ordinated and programmed set of assessments and discussions, all based on the Countdown best practice recommendations, and our extensive experience on many Australian dairy farms.

Best of all - it works!!

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Dairy Focus Mastitis Risk Assessment

The milking process significantly influences the risk of mastitis on every farm.

It is also a complex interaction between cows, machines and people.

Well over 200 Australian farms have used this unique tool to understand how each aspect of mastitis risk in the milking process is contributing to the overall risk of mastiis in their dairy.

What are the hidden mastitis risks in your system?

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Dairy Focus Dry-off Strategy

Drying-off is likely to be your single biggest opportunity to make a difference.

It is part of the fabric of dairy farming - every farm does it, often multiple times during the year.

Yet 3 out of 4 farmers who attended a Dairy Focus seminar on drying-off said they would be making "significant" changes to their dry-off routine.

What are you missing out on?

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Dairy Focus Calving Strategy

Cows that become infected at or around calving have a strong chance of remaining infected for the rest of the lactation.

Simple strategies for managing springing cows, calving cows and fresh cows can make a huge difference to the risk of mastitis.

Don't let your cows start their lactation the wrong way!

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Dairy Focus Mastitis Diary

Assess, review & monitor - your key to staying in front of the game.

Regular assessment and tracking of mastitis risk indicators, plus a diary system to ensure that key mastitis control actions actually happen when they are supposed to happen.

All designed to keep you in front of the game.

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