Countdown has shown us that on average, every four clinical cases of mastitis cost a farm over $1000.

And every payment period out of premium costs the farm even more.

Rain and mud often create mastitis and higher cell counts for many farms – a number of those farms will be left with ongoing mastitis or cell count issues.

How can we help those farms retrieve the situation and also prevent the mastitis from spreading further throughout the herd?

Dairy Focus has put together a special “Mastitis Rescue Pack” to help these farms know what their individual mastitis risks and issues are, and to give them a plan that targets their specific needs.


Step 1 – Collect background information

We work with the farm to quickly gather background information -

  • Farm profile - herd size, calving pattern, and recent mastitis history
  • Milk cultures - gather available milk culture results, and if no cultures are available, assist the farm to obtain a set of milk cultures

Step 2 – Visit and assessment

Milking time testingA milking time visit to the farm to provide -

  • Dairy Focus Mastitis Risk Assessment - A comprehensive assessment of the dairy, milking machines (including milking time testing), and milking routines to highlight the mastitis risks, the potential for spread of mastitis, and plan how to deal with those risks.
  • Dairy Focus Environment Assessment - Assessment of ongoing environmental mastitis risks.
  • On-site discussion – Ensure options and recommendations are appropriate and “do-able”on the individual farm.

Step 3 – Written report and plan

We work with the farm to ensure the plan is appropriate and do-able on the farm, then provide a full written report detailing the recommendations and the plan.

We then work with the farm to ensure the plan is implemented and working, and we closely monitor cell counts and clinical case rates..

For further information about getting back in control of mastitis and cell counts on your farm, contact Dairy Focus on (03) 58590706


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