Dairy Australia & Countdown 2020 have developed a really useful smartphone app to help farms manage their mastitis control program.

The app provides quick access to mastitis control information, plus some tools & calculators to make life easier.

You can save favourites, get reminders and email selected guidelines, topics and library resources to yourself or other members of your team.

It is easy to use and is available free to download for both iOS and Android phones.

The features of the app are in four categories. They include:

1.  Guidelines

    • A summarised version of the Countdown 2020 Farm Guidelines for Mastitis Control

2.  Topics

    • Topical information about dealing with a range of issues including new staff, mastitis at calving, drying-off cows, mastitis bacteria & more.

3.  Library

    • Interesting articles about aspects of mastitis control

4.  Tools

    • Clinical cost calculator
    • Bulk Milk Cell Count benefits calculator
    • Liner life calculator
    • Antibiotics withhold calculator
    • Antibiotics reference guide
    • Teat gallery
    • Teat assessment calculator

Download the app:

On your phone, go to your App Store and search for “Countdown Mastitis Toolkit”

Or follow these links -



Google Play


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