At our farm visits, we often take photos of interesting things we see, key mastitis risk factors that we identify, and also the dairy shed layout – it helps us to quickly and easily recall the details later.

But as the collection of images got larger, finding a specific image got harder and harder!

So the slow and laborious task of collating and tagging all of these images into a digital photo album began.

As we stepped through these images, it was amazing how many of them carry a story – and often multiple stories!

We decided to explore in more detail what some of these images bring to the table.

Because every picture tells a story!


#1 - "Dribble" Finish

Dribble finish to milking visible in claw bowl

The accompanying image looks simple enough – in fact, it is a common sight during milking in many Australian dairies.

Taken just before cups off, the image shows a narrow stream of milk dribbling down the wall of the claw bowl from each of the two quarters that we can see.

This clearly shows what we call a “dribble finish” to milking, and a dribble finish is NOT normal!!

How does this come about?


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