Dribble finish to milking visible in claw bowl

The accompanying image looks simple enough – in fact, it is a common sight during milking in many Australian dairies.

Taken just before cups off, the image shows a narrow stream of milk dribbling down the wall of the claw bowl from each of the two quarters that we can see.

This clearly shows what we call a “dribble finish” to milking, and a dribble finish is NOT normal!!

How does this come about?

There is usually a slight natural restriction at the point where the teat cistern meets the udder cistern. Thus, excessive congestion and swelling in this area leads to a restriction of milk flow, commonly causing a dribble finish and/or incomplete milk out.

What could be causing this swelling and congestion?

How does it influence the risk of mastitis?

How does it affect the milking process?


These are just some of the potential scenarios that could arise from observing a lingering dribble finish to milking - hopefully they make us think about what is actually happening in our dairy sheds.

For more information about any of the scenarios outlined above, or if you would like to discuss options for your dairy, just call the Dairy Focus office now.

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