Many of our dairy areas have had another big wet.

A big rain event in Nth Vic    A big rain event in Nth Vic

Rain events such as these substantially increase the risk of mastitis, and the challenge is to cope with water and mud everywhere, feeding the cows, as well as the extra risk of mastitis.

There have been several recent major rain events and floods across much of the dairy regions of Australia, and more are forecast for the coming weeks.

Mastitis outbreaks and high cell counts have been and still are a major issue associated not only with flooded areas but also areas that have just been very wet.


Flood water surrounds a dairy


The recent wet weather and mud has seen many farms experience severe environmental issues and often significantly higher levels of mastitis and cell counts.

At Dairy Focus we have put together a 3-step package to help these farms retrieve their situation - the Dairy Focus Rain & Mud Mastitis Rescue Pack.



September 2010

The recent wet weather and mud has resulted in many queries about higher levels of mastitis and what can be done to prevent this from happening.

Our September newsletter - Rain, Mud & Mastitis! - discusses these issues and partners the Dairy Focus Rain & Mud Mastitis Rescue Pack.

Click Here to download a PDF version of this newsletter

Five key areas of mastitis risk

The arrival of rain and mud has created mastitis and cell count issues for some farms, whilst others are worried about the increased risk of mastitis, and how to reduce that risk.

However, this is NOT just about the mud and the environment - there are always several factors that contribute to the increased risk of mastitis in these environmental conditions.

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