DryCowTherapyQ. "Do you need teat wipes with your dry cow?"

A. "No, I've got plenty at home."

This conversation always worries us!

Firstly, if there are plenty of teat wipes left over at home, it makes us wonder if they are used to sterilise teat ends on a regular basis.

Secondly, what condition are those "left-over" wipes in?

If teat wipes are not sufficiently moist (wet), then there may not be enough alcohol to achieve adequate sterilisation of the teat end.

And if they are actually dry, then they will do very little at all!!

We have seen several poor outcomes as a results of using old teat wipes.

The lowest risk option is to throw them out and use new ones - they aren't very expensive, and many brands now come with a removable seal over the top of the container to protect them prior to first use.

If in doubt, throw them out!

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