Sometimes we find ourselves doing things we would never have imagined that we would be doing!

Udder Mammogram 1

Recently, that occurred for us when we found ourselves taking x-rays of udders and teats.

You could say that we were taking “the udder mammograms”.

Portable digital technology is still very expensive, so the challenge was to see if we could get cows to stand still enough, for long enough, whilst also refraining from urinating or defaecating on a very expensive piece of equipment!

The answer was “Yes, we could do it”, and relatively easily.

Not only that, but we all got very excited looking at the images on the screen in the back of the car!

Udder Mammogram 2

All this is aimed at increasing our knowledge of mastitis control, and we hope to be able to report some interesting findings to you in a few months time.

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