Two intra-mammary mastitis treatments are currently either in very short supply or out of stock at both the manufacturers and wholesalers in Australia, and are expected to be for some time - some months at least, and experience tells us that these predicted dates are often very optimistic!

As is commonly the case, this happened with very little warning, which means that whatever stock is currently at your vet is likely to be all that is available and may not last long.

Once these stocks at your vet are exhausted, there will only be one once-a-day intra-mammary treatment available, so if your management revolves around once-a-day intra-mammary treatments, this would then become your only option.

Rob Moyle mo

Instead of growing a “mo” for Movember, Rob Moyle intends to shave his long time “mo” off - provided he reaches his target of $1000 donated to the Movember cause.

Not only that, but if he achieves $2000 donated to Movember, his crop of hair will go too!

‘‘The mo has been a permanent fixture for 30-plus years,’’ he said.

‘‘My two kids have never seen their father without it, and if we can raise enough, the hair will come off as well.”

At Dairy Focus, we reckon that is a very scary thought!

Sometimes we find ourselves doing things we would never have imagined that we would be doing!

Udder Mammogram 1

Recently, that occurred for us when we found ourselves taking x-rays of udders and teats.

You could say that we were taking “the udder mammograms”.


King Island is famous for its high quality specialty cheeses and that means consistent milk quality from the 16 dairy farms on the island is critically important.

Dairy Focus recently presented a Countdown Cups-On Cups-Off course on the island, supported by National Foods, Dairy Australia and Skills Institute Tasmania. There was a great turn-out for the course, which covers the whole milking process with special emphasis on mastitis prevention and control.

Following our successful Mastitis Field Days in Gippsland, Dairy Focus was asked to run similar mastitis days at Gundowring and Milawa in North-East Victoria.


Both venues offered beautiful settings and fantastic weather, and there was a great turnout with 85 people attending the two days.

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