Wet weather

  • Paper towel holster/dispenser

    Belt mounted paper towel holster

    We saw this great idea for a paper towel holster/dispenser last week.

    Paper towels are always at the ready if needed - every teat that gets washed, gets dried!

    It is just one of the protocols put in place that are really making a difference on this farm.

    Want more hints on washing & drying?

    Here's a link for some hints on easy washing & drying - "Wash & Dry" >>> 

  • Teat skin condition suffers from weather

    Dirty teats

    Several of our dairy regions are now very wet, and this cold, wet, & often windy weather can quickly cause teat skin to become dry, cracked and chapped.

    Dry, cracked teat skin significantly increases the risk of mastitis due to the cracks in the skin harbouring more bacteria, and it also causes significant changes in milking machine performance.

    Once teats are coated with dried mud, the teat spray cannot get through to kill the bugs in the cracked skin underneath, and neither does the emollient get through to lubricate and moisturise the skin properly. Thus the skin just dries out more and more, and a self-worsening cycle has begun!

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