• Something has changed

    “Something has changed. I just can’t figure it out – it’s not wet, and there is no mud.”

    This was Jeff’s first comment when I returned his phone call couple of months ago.

    Jeff* and his wife Karen* milk 650 cows through a 60 stand rotary dairy in Northern Victoria.

    They had done a lot of work to get their mastitis to where they were now reasonably comfortable – Bulk Milk Cell Count (BMCC) sat between 100,000 and 110,000 cells/ml, and clinical case rates of mastitis were well below the Countdown trigger point of 2 cases per 100 milking cows per month.

  • Sometimes, things can change!

    “I don’t know what it is, but something isn’t quite right!”

    Tim* milks about 450 cows in a rotary dairy in North East Victoria, and it had been some years since we had worked on mastitis control with him.

    “The cell count is still good, but we are now getting too many cases of clinical mastitis, and I reckon the teat ends don’t look as good as they were when you were last here.”

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