Leon McCabe at work in the dairy

At Yarramundee, on the bank of the Murray River, there is always a focus on mastitis.

Day-to-day mastitis management for the 1100 cow herd rests with herd manager, Leon McCabe - and Leon just does not want the hassle of dealing with mastitis!

"We haven't had a clinical case for 6 weeks" - Leon McCabe, Yarramundee, Murray Region, 1100 cows

The herd has been using the Dairy Focus Mastitis Control System for several years now, and the success has been obvious, with the herd consistently below all the Countdown Downunder mastitis triggers.In particular, the level of clinical mastitis is very low - commonly only one or two cows being treated, and sometimes none at all.

In fact Leon now says, "If I get to five cases of mastitis, I'm stressed - REALLY stressed!"

The heart of the Dairy Focus Mastitis Control System for Yarramundee has been to make the farm "low risk for mastitis", particularly in the dairy shed operation.In fact, Leon and the milk harvesting team have now achieved a new record low score on their regular Dairy Focus Mastitis Risk Assessment of only 8 points out of 60 - a truly low risk result!

Dairy Focus has been quick to congratulate Leon and the team on this remarkably low score, "It is several points lower in risk than any other farm we have assessed - a fantastic result", said Rod Dyson.

Leon's response to this result was simple, "Next time I want us to score 7 or even less", he said.

Farm manager Scott Bray has estimated that receiving premium milk payments returns about $71,000 per year - with an additional $50,000 per year saved from having reduced the level of clinical cases from what it once was.

Scott says the not-so-obvious bonus benefit has been in staff morale - Yarramundee has an extremely low staff turnover."Treating a lot of cows with mastitis is stressful, and thankfully, our staff don't have that stress these days", said Scott.

For more information, call the Dairy Focus office on (03) 58590706 or follow the links below -

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