Two intra-mammary mastitis treatments are currently either in very short supply or out of stock at both the manufacturers and wholesalers in Australia, and are expected to be for some time - some months at least, and experience tells us that these predicted dates are often very optimistic!

As is commonly the case, this happened with very little warning, which means that whatever stock is currently at your vet is likely to be all that is available and may not last long.

Once these stocks at your vet are exhausted, there will only be one once-a-day intra-mammary treatment available, so if your management revolves around once-a-day intra-mammary treatments, this would then become your only option.

If that option is not suitable, or is not effective for you, then you may need to consider another product or products – this could be another intra-mammary (which will be a twice-a-day product) and/or an injectable, or both.

If you change to a twice-a-day treatment, it will require some thought about both application and also duration of treatment.

So, the best option is to have a discussion with your vet (preferably before stocks run out) about your options to determine the best way forward, and to consider and plan your alternatives.

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