• Cows, machines & people - managing the risk of mastitis

    Cups crawling up teats

    Russell and Stuart both manage family farms milking about 450 cows in a rotary dairy without automatic cup removers.

    In the couple of months leading up to and just after Christmas, both farms had seen a rise in Bulk Milk Cell Count (BMCC) and both had experienced an increased number of clinical cases of mastitis.

    Interestingly, both Russell and Stuart had a suspicion that something about their milking process was influencing their risk of mastitis.

  • What is the price of risk?

    MIlking cluster

    Recently, I dropped one of the family cars into the service centre in the morning for what I expected to be a normal routine service.

    It was a big surprise a couple of hours later to sit listening on one end of the phone as the mechanic ran through a list of items on the car that needed attention.

    But my mood seriously worsened when he told me the total estimated cost!

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